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Artist Bio

         Julia Hill was born in New Orleans, LA. She studied sculpture at Tulane University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. 

         A passionate life long learner, Julia’s studio practice incorporates many different genres. She has worked in performance, installation, puppetry, public art, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, and painting. 

        Julia and her puppets have performed at The High Museum, The World of Coca-Cola, The Atlanta Zoo, The Hambidge Center, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and numerous other regional parades and festivals. 

        In addition to studio pursuits, she works as a consultant and technical director, designing and constructing physical components for other artists and productions. 

        She spends a lot of time studying and observing nature...hiking, gardening, and exploring Atlanta’s urban forests, watershed, and the surrounding region. These explorations provide the salvaged materials found in her sculptural works-found objects from stream beds, rusty bits from parking lots, and scrapped materials from other human activities. The discovered objects, shapes, and textures guide her creative practice, often reflected through organic flowing forms reminiscent of wind, water, roots, and other natural elements. 

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